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Avalanche Safety

Known as "The Avalanche Airbag Experts" SnowBigDeal got its start by offering the best advice and the biggest selection of avalanche safety equipment on the market. Today, it continues to be our goal to stock brands that aren't only popular and new but that deliver on safety and performance.

Browse from our selection of Avalanche Airbags, Beacons, Probes, Shovels, Radios, and more here, or feel free to give us a call at 877-SNOW-BIG. 

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  • Avalanche Airbags & Packs

    Avalanche Airbags

    SnowBigDeal specializes in a variety of avalanche safety equipment including Avalanche Airbags.  Our collection highlights avalanche airbags made to offer you the versatility you need to enjoy your favorite activities. Ranging in shape and style each avalanche backpack is designed to provide the special features, comfort, weight, and system to accommodate your lifestyle.

    Learn more about how Avalanche Airbags Work

  • Avalanche Beacons

    Avalanche Beacons

    Of all the safety equipment you should have while playing in the backcountry avalanche transceivers and snowmobile digital avalanche beacons may be the most important.  Safety beacons offer you the hope of rescue during the most crucial moments of any avalanche event. If you happen to get buried in an avalanche, you want to be sure to have this proven piece of technology on your body. 

    This is one piece of equipment that you need to have and hope to never use.

  • Probes

    Probes: Don’t Take Chances, Take Protection

    Don’t let a few feet come between you and your life! Avalanche probes are among the most important take-along avalanche equipment items that you should have in your snow gear inventory. These must-have avalanche equipment items are collapsible, stowing easily when not in use. If you do need them, they spring into action.

    We offer a range of tensioning systems and extendable length avalanche probes for sale. Our compact probes for everyday snow runs offer convenience at an unbeatable price. You’ll also find sturdy quick-lock probes with laser-etched depth markings and hardworking snow safety tools designed to penetrate heavy snow packs. Or go for the indestructible steel cable snow probe systems used by rescue organizations. When seconds count, count on avalanche probes from SnowBigDeal.

  • Shovels

    Avalanche Shovels

    Don’t let the low prices fool you—our avalanche shovels are a far cry from the generic items sold at big box stores. Safety equipment designers have come up with a wide range of innovations for today’s avalanche snow shovels. Here at SnowBigDeal, we’ve rounded up the best of the best. Find snow shovels for sale that come in three quick-assembly components for easy storage on the go, or opt for an all-in-one design.

    Note the special features, like extendable handles, slip-proof grips, snow/ice hoeing options, and high-volume shovel blades. We even offer avalanche shovels that stow a saw or avalanche probe system right inside the handle—and yes, the hideaway snow tool is included for one low price. So don’t overpay for some ordinary backcountry shovel that’s not up to the demands of snow country. For quality, reliability, and the best features shop backcountry snow shovels here at SnowBigDeal, the avalanche safety experts.

    Lightweight    Standard    Large    Compact    Specialty

  • Avalanche Kits

    Avalanche Safety Kits

    When it comes to avalanche safety there are a few essentials tools for the ride: a beacon, a probe, and a shovel. While you may want to make your own bundle of goodies, we have some Avalanche Kits that allow you to get all three for a lower price. We are proud to offer kits from BCA, Mammut, Ortovox, and Arva. Check them out and see which kit is best for you and your needs.

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