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Avalanche Airbags

SnowBigDeal specializes in a variety of avalanche safety equipment including Avalanche Airbags.  Our collection highlights avalanche airbags made to offer you the versatility you need to enjoy your favorite activities. Ranging in shape and style each avalanche backpack is designed to provide the special features, comfort, weight, and system to accommodate your lifestyle.

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  • ABS Airbags

    ABS Avalanche Airbags

    The 1980’s gave way to the first avalanche airbag – the ABS (Avalanche Balloon Secutem) system was created by skier and entrepreneur Peter Aschauer after a first-hand avalanche experience. Since then ABS has consistently innovated airbags – from the twin-bags system to the zip-on systems and more, ABS has been at the forefront of avalanche technology. Once deployed your airbag is filled with compressed nitrogen gas, a purer gas with a quicker expansion rate.  Concerned not only by safety but by usability as well ABS offers customization of storage space with their innovative zip-on attachments that allow users to change storage size by simply zipping off a pack and then zipping another one on. SnowBigDeal was proud to be the first in the United States to offer ABS Avalanche Airbags and we are still proud today to offer these great packs at great prices. Have questions about ABS avalanche airbag backpacks or ABS airbags? Read our article Avalanche Gear Guide for more information or give us a call at 1-877-SNOW-BIG and we’ll help you out.

  • ARVA Reactor

    ARVA Reactor Airbags

    For more than 30 years ARVA has built a reputation as a brand. Through meticulous product research, design, and manufacturing, they have ensured that the finished product not only meets the needs of those in the backcountry but that their products also embody the high performance and reliability standards that ARVA has created for itself. ARVA has spent more than 15 years extensively researching and playing vital roles in the development of avalanche airbag technology. In recent years ARVA has released their own innovative backcountry airbag – the REACTOR – one of the lightest, most functional, and reliable dual airbag systems on the market.

  • BCA Float Airbags

    BCA Float Airbags

    Backcountry Access (BCA)’s mission is to save lives.  BCA has always considered education to be just as important as the gear it makes, which is why BCA puts such a strong emphasis on researching and understanding the backcountry before you get there. BCA's Float Airbag holds a single pillow-shaped balloon that deploys behind your head. Available in sizes from 8 Liters of storage to 42 Liters of storage. SnowBigDeal is proud to carry such a great brand and to offer great prices on BCA gear as well. 

  • Black Diamond JetForce

    Black Diamond JetForce Airbags

    From their roots in 1957 Black Diamond continues to strive to embody the spirit of the backcountry – from hiking to skiing, Black Diamond has ensured that the products they create are worthy of all adventures in the snow. Through desire, dedication, and diligence Black Diamond has the inspiration and the motivation to create innovative gear and reach new standards for avalanche safety.  Black Diamond was at the forefront of the pursuit of a canister-free airbag and aided in the creation of the JetForce airbag, which utilizes a battery and jet fan to deploy the airbag. Due to their collaborative efforts and incredible drive, the avalanche airbag market has been swept to a new era of convenience.

  • SnowPulse

    SnowPulse Airbags

    SnowPulse set out to create an avalanche airbag that not only provided the safety that is expected of them but also a new level of comfort and convenience for snowmobilers everywhere. Perhaps this is because SnowPulse packs are designed by snowmobilers for snowmobilers, which brings higher understanding to the design snowmobilers are looking for in their avalanche packs.

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