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ABS Powder Avalanche Airbag

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Price as configured: US $719.99

Available in one size
Waist strap extension available for waist sizes > 40"

Actual Weight with Canister = 6.80 lbs
Full Avalanche Airbag Weight Comparison

Recommended Use
Skiing, Snowmobiling, Snowboarding

Understand How ABS Airbags Work
What to do in the event of an avalanche

*OPTIONAL* System Test Deposit
You may purchase a "Test" canister for a deposit; upon returning the empty canister to SnowBigDeal you will receive a full refund of your deposit. You must return the empty cartridge and a copy of your receipt within 30 days of purchase to receive your deposit refund. 

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  • ABS Powder Avalanche Airbag
    Narrow, light and compact - that's the Powder Base Unit with the proven ABS® TwinBag system, especially designed for freeriders and those going off piste. Two airbags offer double safety. The Powder Base Unit ABS avalanche airbag system comes with a 8l Powder Zip-on in ocean blue and can be combined with Powder Zip-ons in 15 or 26l.

    Powder Zip-on for skiers, snowmobilers or boarders allowing quick access to gear. Combined with the small back-plate of the Powder Base Unit ski avalanche airbag it offers full freedom of movement in every situation. 
    Ability to choose pack size is the perfect setup for any user.

    • It is lightweight, narrow, compact and has:
      • Outside holders for quick access to shovel blade, shovel shaft and probe (Snowmobile model only)
      • Clearly visible SOS label with international emergency service numbers
      • Safe storage of money, keys, GPS and mobile phone in a number of valuables pockets
      • For even quicker access: the shovel can be fastened to the backpack in one piece and ready for use
      • Easy-to-open main compartment with XL ¾ zip
      • Integration of hydration systems

      The Powder Zip-On Attachments can easily be zipped onto the Powder Base-Unit including the proven ABS® TwinBag system.

    Powder Base Unit
    Base unit specifically designed to meet the needs of freeriders with proven ABS TwinBag system: compact, narrow and light.

    • The entire ABS carrying system – e.g. shoulder strap, hip strap, chest strap and leg strap – meets the TÜV requirements for extreme operational demands (PPE guidelines 89/686 EEC)
    • Height-adjustable chest strap
    • The soft, elastic Neoprene hip strap provides comfort and a perfect fit
    • An integrated leg strap
    • ABS TwinBags with a volume of 170 l
    • Easy attachment of different airbag packs (5L, 15L) by means of a zip.

    Weight:  2.2 kg (4.8 lb) without cartridge
    Pack Volume: 8 litres up to 26 litres
    Colors: Red-Orange, Ocean Blue, Purple Orange, Lime Green

    This pack is ideal for Freeride tours with minimal gear.

    • Very slim does not interfere when riding the ski lift
    • Shovel and probe can be carried inside the pack
    • Ski and snowboard straps (except Snowmobile model)
    • Skis can be attached diagonally
    • Toploader with horizontal zip
    • Frontpocket with long continuous zipper
    • Water-resistant zippers
    • Detachable helmet holder 
    • Detachable mesh pocket offers additional storage for skins, crampons, etc.
    • Easy docking to the Powder Base Unit with zipper 
    • Airstripe back system with foam padding and breathable mesh material
    • The ABS carrying system – e.g. shoulder straps, waist belt, chest strap and leg strap - meets the TÜV guidelines for extreme operational demands (PPE directive 89/686 EEC).
    • Comfortabel neorpene hip belt with pocket
    • Infinitely adjustable chest strap
    • One integrated leg strap
    • Airbag with 170 litres (6.0 cu ft) buoyancy volume

    NOTE: ABS canisters can only be shipped to the U.S. and Canada.  Customers outside North America, please select "No Canister" since we cannot ship the canister to you.

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