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ABS Vario Zip-On Attachment - Non-Current

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ABS Vario Avalanche Airbag Zip-On Attachment

Zip any size pack onto your ABS Vario Base Unit. This way you have the option for different sizes, without the price of an entire system.

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15L Yellow/Green 1
  • The ABS® Vario line is the patented best-practice solution for the individual demands of freeriders, ski tourers and mountain guides. The twin system consists of the ABS® Base Unit with integrated ABS® TwinBag system and the Zip-Ons with packed volumes of 15, 18, 25, 30, 40 and 50 liters. Whatever your plans are – whether short, single- or multi-day tours, you are always reliably protected with the right backpack system.
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