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Airbag Canisters & Refill Kits

Avalanche airbags are a crucial part in staying safe in the backcountry; however they aren’t much good if they don’t have a canister to go with them. Each brand of airbag has its own unique canister – Mammut, BCA, SnowPulse, Wary, and others utilize a compressed air canister, while ABS utilizes a nitrogen canister. Different canisters have different benefits – from the ease of refilling a BCA, Mammut, SnowPulse, and Wary canister to the technical aspect of the compressed nitrogen canister of ABS. Browse our selection of BCA air canisters below to ensure you get the right one for you pack. Need help? Give us a call at 1-877-SNOW-BIG and we can help you find out which air cartridge is right for you or your pack, and tips about how to make the most of each ABS canister refill.

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10 Item(s)