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Lightweight Avalanche Airbags

Avalanche Airbags can be bulky, big, and downright heavy. They don't have to be, you can browse our selection of lightweight airbags from brands like BCA, ABS, Mammut, SnowPulse, Pieps, and more. Dont forget that we're here if you need us, just give us a call at 877-SNOW-BIG and we'll come running. Also, we offer FREE shipping on all US orders.

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  • Arva Reactor Avalanche Airbag - 18L

    As low as: US $599.95

    Arva Reactor Avalanche Airbag with 18L of storage for those quick day trips and simple storage.
  • Pieps JetForce Rider 10L Airbag

    Regular Price: US $999.95

    Special Price US $879.99

    PIEPS JETFORCE RIDER is the smallest in the PIEPS JetForce family and therefore perfect for off-piste skiing and riding. An integral part of your avalanche safety equipment.

  • Black Diamond Flight 00 JetForce Kit

    Regular Price:

    US $927.24

    Our revolutionary avalanche airbag technology in a minimalist carry system designed for heli skiing, cat trips and other mechanized skiing, the Flight 00 features JetForce Technology and comes with a Deploy 3 shovel and Tour 260 probe.

  • Black Diamond JetForce Avalanche Airbag - Pilot 11

    Regular Price:

    US $1,049.95

    Designed for heli trips, cat skiing and backcountry snowmobiling, this Black Diamond airbag is our minimalist backcountry pack featuring JetForce Technology. A revolution in airbag technology, the Black Diamond JetForce provides an added margin of safety to your avalanche tool kit.

  • Mammut Ultralight Removable Airbag 3.0

    As low as: US $139.95

    Lighter to the summit. With our new Removable Airbag System 3.0, the Ultralight weighs the same as a 1.5 liter bottle of water. There is space for everything you need on demanding ski tours.

  • Mammut Rocker 18L Removable Airbag Ready

    As low as: US $139.97

    The Removable Airbag System integrated in our most compact freeriding snowmobile avalanche backpack.  This Mammut avalanche pack is roomy enough to hold all the essential items for freeriding and is very comfortable to carry thanks to its close-fitting design.

    The base price is without removable airbag system. Please select the Removable Airbag System if you want the airbag.

  • Mammut Light 30L RAS Avalanche Airbag

    As low as: US $399.99

    3 1

    The Light Removable Airbag is the absolute featherweight among our avalanche airbags. With the Removable Airbag System without a cartridge, this Mammut airbag backpack weighs around just 1930 kg. However, it still delivers all the features you would expect from a good one-day touring or freeriding backpack. Enjoy high comfort and a range of attachment options with this avalanche safety airbag.

  • Mammut Protection 18L R.A.S. Airbag Ready

    As low as: US $195.99

    R.A.S. ready: compatible with the Removable Airbag System R.A.S.
    The airbag system can be purchased separately

    The Protection R.A.S. ready an avalanche airbag-compatible backpack with an integrated PSA back protector. Thanks to its perfectly coordinated layered structure, the protector combines ultimate comfort with maximum safety. As well as the back protector, the Protection R.A.S. ready comes with a removable tailbone protector and a wide range of attachment options. As well as a diagonal ski carrier, a vertical snowshoe and snowboarding attachment, you can also attach a snowboard horizontally directly behind the back protector, for maximum comfort and easy access to the main compartment despite the attached snowboard. With a packing volume of 18 liters, the Protection is the ideal backpack for freeriding or on-piste descents.

  • Mammut Light 30L PAS Avalanche Airbag

    From: US $149.99

    To: US $779.98

    The Light Protection Airbag is our featherweight among avalanche rescue backpacks. With the Protection Airbag System, the avalanche airbag weighs just 2,120 g. The top loader backpack offers everything you would expect from a good one-day touring backpack. This Mammut ski pack is very comfortable to carry, with attachments for skis, a snowboard, axe and ski poles. The large zip at the front allows much easier access to the main compartment.

  • SnowPulse Highmark Ridge 3.0

    As low as: US $599.00

    • Airbag backpack for ultralight, minimalist ski tours
    • Removable Airbag System boasts reliable deployment
    • Head On Top Technology keeps your back and head upright
    • Burst Zipper Technology prevents damage to the pack upon deployment
    • Height-adjustable handle for ergonomic convenience
    • External shovel carry and internal probe sleeve

  • SnowPulse Highmark Spire 3.0 Vest

    As low as: US $849.00

    • Streamlined vest with Protection Airbag System 3.0 by Mammut
    • Airbag protects from trauma by wrapping head and neck
    • Airbag keeps user upright in the event of an avalanche
    • Probe and collapsible shovel storage for avalanche rescue
    • Front pockets for keeping essentials readily accessible
    • Side straps and front buckles provide a secure fit
    • Works with Mammut 2.0 canister
    • Compatible with Snowpulse armor

11 Item(s)