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Avalanche Beacons

Of all the safety equipment you should have while playing in the backcountry avalanche transceivers and snowmobile digital avalanche beacons may be the most important.  Safety beacons offer you the hope of rescue during the most crucial moments of any avalanche event. If you happen to get buried in an avalanche, you want to be sure to have this proven piece of technology on your body. 

This is one piece of equipment that you need to have and hope to never use.

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  • BCA Beacons and Transceivers

    BCA Avalanche Beacons

    BCA got its start by pioneering the digital avalanche beacon and from there on they have only improved in design and functionality. 

    The BCA Tracker DTS was the original digital beacon, and it is your best bet for a classic, familiar, and simple avalanche beacon.  The Tracker 2 is a more modern take on simplicity, pairing today's GPS technology with the usability of your traditional beacon; perfect for the everyday adventurer!  Lastly, the Tracker 3.  Designed for more complex rescue operations, the Tracker 3, is the beacon for avalanche experts, not your day to day rescue beacon.  Loaded with features both complex and simple, the Tracker 3 is the most powerful beacon on the market.

  • Pieps Avalanche Beacons

    Pieps Avalanche Beacons

    For over 40 Years Pieps has been perfecting the Avalanche Beacon and other essentials of the backcountry through collaboration with avalanche experts, mountain guides, riders, and even scientists. So when they say Premium Alpine Performance they guarantee that their products meet the standards and the quality that Pieps continues to strive for.

  • ARVA Beacons & Kits

    ARVA Avalanche Beacons

    Distinguished from the competition through first-rate snow safety equipment, including their incredible ARVA beacons, avalanche airbags, probes, and other avalanche safety gear ARVA has become a name brand in the snow community. Through coordination with mountain rescuers, ARVA is able to jointly develop new features that save lives.

  • Mammut Barryvox

    Mammut Avalanche Beacons

    Mammut released their first beacon in 1997 in close cooperation with Girsberger Elektronik to design a beacon that was user-friendly yet lightweight and compact. Since then, Mammut has poured countless hours into the research and development of avalanche transceivers and has created some of the most reliable beacons on the market.

  • Ortovox Beacons

    Ortovox Avalanche Beacons

    In 1980, Ortovox developed the first double frequency transceiver which, being able to pick up multiple frequencies, changed the game for analog beacons. Throughout the years Ortovox has continued to create innovative products including shovels, probes, and of course Ortovox avalanche transceivers. 

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30 Item(s)