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Mammut Avalanche Beacons

Mammut released their first beacon in 1997 in close cooperation with Girsberger Elektronik to design a beacon that was user-friendly yet lightweight and compact. Since then, Mammut has poured countless hours into the research and development of avalanche transceivers and has created some of the most reliable beacons on the market.

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  • Mammut Barryvox Package

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    The Barryvox Package includes a Barryvox Beacon, Alugator Ride Shovel, and Probe 240, making it a complete package intended for locating buried victims, emitting a life-saving signal if you're buried, and digging snow pits to assess stability.

  • Mammut Barryvox

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    With a search strip width of 70 meters, the Barryvox® is one of the best devices in the world. We know that only an avalanche transceiver that is easy to use will save lives in an emergency, so we made fundamental improvements to the user-friendliness of the Barryvox®.

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