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Pieps Avalanche Beacons

For over 40 Years Pieps has been perfecting the Avalanche Beacon and other essentials of the backcountry through collaboration with avalanche experts, mountain guides, riders, and even scientists. So when they say Premium Alpine Performance they guarantee that their products meet the standards and the quality that Pieps continues to strive for.

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  • Pieps DSP Ice Beacon

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    US $383.65

    With a smart transmitter that auto-adjusts the sending antenna to give searching beacons the best signal, a huge 60-meter circular range, and mark and scan function for multiple burial scenarios, the PIEPS DSP Ice Avalanche Beacon has all the cutting-edge features pros need.


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    US $539.95

    Ultimate Backcountry Kit

    This package of premium gear is built for backcountry skiers who spend their seasons skinning and skiing in serious terrain. The PIEPS DSP Pro Beacon features a massive search range and pinpoint accurate three-antenna design, and when combined with the top-of-the-line Black Diamond Evac 7 Shovel and Quickdraw Carbon 320 cm Probe makes for a kit worth of backcountry professionals.

    • PIEPS DSP Pro Beacon
    • Evac 7 Shovel
    • Quickdraw Carbon 320 cm Probe

  • Pieps Micro Avalanche Beacon

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    US $312.34

    The PIEPS Micro is the smallest and lightest three-antenna beacon on the market. Featuring patented sensor technology and wireless device management, it offers the performance you expect from a PIEPS avalanche transceiver and next-generation technology to improve ease of use.

3 Item(s)