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Probes: Don’t Take Chances, Take Protection

Don’t let a few feet come between you and your life! Avalanche probes are among the most important take-along avalanche equipment items that you should have in your snow gear inventory. These must-have avalanche equipment items are collapsible, stowing easily when not in use. If you do need them, they spring into action.

We offer a range of tensioning systems and extendable length avalanche probes for sale. Our compact probes for everyday snow runs offer convenience at an unbeatable price. You’ll also find sturdy quick-lock probes with laser-etched depth markings and hardworking snow safety tools designed to penetrate heavy snow packs. Or go for the indestructible steel cable snow probe systems used by rescue organizations. When seconds count, count on avalanche probes from SnowBigDeal.

Popular Subcategories

  • ARVA Light Probes

    ARVA Avalanche Probes

    ARVA distinguishes itself from the competition through first-rate snow safety equipment – including their incredible beacons, avalanche airbags, and probes; each essential to a safe trip up the mountain. 

  • BCA Avalanche Probes

    BCA Avalanche Probes

    Determined to provide education and protection to every snow enthusiast BCA has invested highly into the design and implementation of every product necessary for your safety; including top of the line avalanche probes.

  • Black Diamond Probes

    Black Diamond Avalanche Probes

    Developed to be quick and easy to use each Black Diamond Avalanche probe is a great option for any andventure in the snow.

  • Klim Backcountry Probes

    Klim Avalanche Probes

    When seconds count, an avalanche probe needs to be ready in an instant and tough enough for all motorsports abuse. Klim’s aluminum probe is ready in an instant with a cable pull/lock that snaps the 3-meter pole’s sections together in seconds and its high-quality laser-etched depth gauge gives you quick visual confirmation immediately.  When seconds count, count on Klim.

  • Mammut Avalanche Probes

    Mammut Avalanche Probes

    Stable and lightweight Mammut Avalanche Probes are designed to be ready in an instant!

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