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Ortovox Avalanche Probes

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  • Ortovox 240cm Light Probe

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    US $54.00

    The lightweight wonder for all safety-minded people!

    The probe for all weight-oriented winter sport athletes. With 270 g it is the lightest pfa aluminum probe in the Ortovox probe range. With the pfa quick-release tensioning system and the rugged Dyneema draw line, it is ready for use in seconds and just as quickly collapsed again and put together. Slippage of the segments can be ruled out! At 240 cm the burial depth can be read on the individual segments. The grip sleeve made of EVA foam is very pleasant for practice. It is fits ergonomically in the hand and protects the palms from the cold.

    Like all ORTOVOX probes, the 240 Light pfa is delivered with a practical quick-release cover.

  • Ortovox 320+ Steel Pro Probe

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    US $94.99

    Can't get more rugged and safer! Our professional probe!

  • Ortovox 240cm Carbon Probe

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    US $85.00
    Ortovox 240cm Carbon Fiber Avalanche Probe

3 Item(s)