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Avalanche Tools

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  • BCA BC Link Radio Camo

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    Snowmobiling Smart Communication

    Having a method of communication while on your ride is a smart idea. Even smarter idea - Having that method of communication made with snowmobiles in mind. Cue the BCA BC Link Radio - a two-way radio that works on loads of different frequencies and clips to shoulder straps, jackets, or whatever you may find permitting. All of the controls needed to talk back and forth are located on a separate mic piece that sits on your shoulder while the actual radio part can be stowed in a pocket or backpack. The radio that Backcountry Access is famous for - with a camo flair.

  • Mountain Sledder Snowmobile First Aid Kit

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    Snowmobiling Emergency First Aid

    Be prepared for what may happen on the mountain with the first aid kit designed specifically for snowmobiling - the Mountain Sledder Snowmobile First Aid Kit. All you could need for a quick cut or scrape emergency situation is in the durable water-resistant neoprene case that protects it from the elements you might encounter on the snow. Scroll below to find out what this kit holds.

  • Adventure Medical Kit - Ultralight/Watertight .7

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    Ultralight / Watertight .7 Medical Kit

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