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Avalanche Shovels

Don’t let the low prices fool you—our avalanche shovels are a far cry from the generic items sold at big box stores. Safety equipment designers have come up with a wide range of innovations for today’s avalanche snow shovels. Here at SnowBigDeal, we’ve rounded up the best of the best. Find snow shovels for sale that come in three quick-assembly components for easy storage on the go, or opt for an all-in-one design.

Note the special features, like extendable handles, slip-proof grips, snow/ice hoeing options, and high-volume shovel blades. We even offer avalanche shovels that stow a saw or avalanche probe system right inside the handle—and yes, the hideaway snow tool is included for one low price. So don’t overpay for some ordinary backcountry shovel that’s not up to the demands of snow country. For quality, reliability, and the best features shop backcountry snow shovels here at SnowBigDeal, the avalanche safety experts.

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Popular Subcategories

  • ARVA Shovels

    ARVA Avalanche Shovels

    Dig through the snow, not through your wallet with these quality avalanche shovels from ARVA.

  • BCA Avalanche Shovels

    BCA Avalanche Shovels

    The BCA line of shovels are the first in the industry with non-traditional shafts (Round) Creating the strongest and most packable shovel on the market.  Shop our collection and find more great features to help keep you safe and sound.

  • Black Diamond Shovels

    Black Diamond Avalanche Shovels

    Designed for rapid deployment each Black Diamond shovel features a shaft that locks into place with a quick pull, so you don’t waste valuable time getting things together when you should be digging.

  • Mammut Safety Shovels

    Mammut Avalanche Shovels

    Mammut has long worked to create the worlds lightest avalanche shovel.  Each item of our collection represents that goal.  Offering different specs and features each shovel remains constant in weight, truly as light as a feather.

  • Ortovox Shovels

    Ortovox Avalanche Shovels

    Increase your strength with an Ortovox Avalanche Shovel innovated specifically with power in mind.  Each Ortovox shovel is engineered to offer optimal power transfer from you to the shovel's capacity to lift.  Making the Ortovox the most powerful on the market.

19 Item(s)

19 Item(s)