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Ortovox Avalanche Shovels

Increase your strength with an Ortovox Avalanche Shovel innovated specifically with power in mind.  Each Ortovox shovel is engineered to offer optimal power transfer from you to the shovel's capacity to lift.  Making the Ortovox the most powerful on the market.

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  • Ortovox Badger Shovel - Safety Blue

    Regular Price:

    US $49.95
    The Ortovox Badger Shovel is made with super light aluminum and is designed to move snow with maximum power transaction
  • Ortovox Beast Shovel - Safety Blue

    Regular Price:

    US $59.95
    The Ortovox Beast Shovel is an aggressive shovel designed to move snow without compromising weight or power.
  • Ortovox Kodiak Shovel - Safety Blue

    Regular Price:

    US $89.95

    Backcountry Shovel

    Tough mountaineering shovel with unique clearing function and practical D-grip! Our Ortovox snow shovel boasts the largest shoveling volume (3.1 liters) in our product line, so it can safely be called the fastest of the bunch. The blade is also extremely rigid (AL 6061 T6 is the perfect material for shovels), yet this tool is easy to pack.

  • Ortovox Beast - Red

    Regular Price:

    US $59.00

    The BEAST will swallow up all the snow there is!

    Aggressive shovel with hybrid grip and optimal power transmission in a packable size. The pack-friendly blade has high side walls and a robust center ridge, giving it outstanding rigidity. Ist cutting edge is sharpened and the upper edge is equipped with non-slip ridges. The grip permits a wide variety of grip positions for right and left-handers. The telescopic, rigid, oval-shaped shaft provides excellent ergonomics. Rubber coating on the lower section maximizes power transmission. The quick-lock eases assembly of shaft and blade.

4 Item(s)