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Standard Avalanche Shovels

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  • Ortovox Beast - Red

    Regular Price:

    US $59.00

    The BEAST will swallow up all the snow there is!

    Aggressive shovel with hybrid grip and optimal power transmission in a packable size. The pack-friendly blade has high side walls and a robust center ridge, giving it outstanding rigidity. Ist cutting edge is sharpened and the upper edge is equipped with non-slip ridges. The grip permits a wide variety of grip positions for right and left-handers. The telescopic, rigid, oval-shaped shaft provides excellent ergonomics. Rubber coating on the lower section maximizes power transmission. The quick-lock eases assembly of shaft and blade.

  • BCA B2 EXT Shovel

    Regular Price:

    US $54.17
    Extendable, strong, yet packable.

2 Item(s)