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    Shoei Helmet Aerodynamics 

    Riding a motorcycle is great – there is nothing like the feeling of freedom as you cruise around town or take a rip up the trail. That being said, riding a motorcycle can pose certain dangers unique to motorcycles, such as direct contact in crashes. As a result many companies have toiled over the research and development of safety and equipment for protection. Helmets are perhaps the most essential piece of gear for an enjoyable and safe ride. SHOEI helmets have gained a huge following and respect from riders throughout the world. Many companies struggle to find the apex of form and function, however SHOEI’s helmets offer unsurpassed quality, with an exceptional fit and feel that provide a new level of comfort. SHOEI’s helmets range from the street and touring sector of motorcycle riding to the off-road and adventure circuit. The technology in SHOEI helmets includes the incredible AIM+ materials and the production of the shell, laser cutting procedures, hand painting, rigorous testing standards, and second to none ventilation systems. Many of their helmets can be seen on the heads of both professional racers everywhere and those who ride casually. From the highly technical X-14 full-face helmet to the Hornet X2 dual sport helmet and multiple levels in between, SHOEI offers a full line of dependable helmets to riders of all backgrounds. Take a look below at SnowBigDeal’s line-up of premium helmets from SHOEI, and be sure to check out our blog post SHOEI – Advanced Technology to get all the details on the process behind the incredible helmets they offer. Remember that we are here to help along the way, so be sure to give us a call at 877-SNOW-BIG if you get lost.


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