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Motorcycle Pants

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  • Adventure & Touring

    Adventure riders know that a good pair of pants is key to having fun on your motorcycle. The right pair of motorcycle pants can ensure that you stay comfortable and dry no matter what the weather might throw at you.

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  • Offroad

    Offroad & Enduro riders demand extremely durable and functional riding pants. The right pair of motorcycle pants can ensure that you have fun no matter what the weather might throw at you.

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  • XC Pant (Non-Current)

    Regular Price: US $169.99

    Special Price US $119.99

    Refined fit and an updated stretch-material in the main chassis puts more maximum mobility comfort on the base of the world's fastest off-road racers. From desert blitzes to EnduroCross hot laps, the KLIM's XC line has proven a race and championship winner thanks to more comfort, lighter weight and more durability than the rest. Tough enough to bash off-road yet fit and styled for competition. The fastest, most durable off-road choice.
  • Outrider Pant

    Regular Price:

    US $174.99
    The Outrider is designed to traverse the environments and demands of the multi-sport enthusiast. Scrambling out to your favorite fishing spot, hiking from the trailhead to the lake at 9,000ft, or cruising the boulevard to the pier at sunset. Wherever your next odyssey takes you, the Outrider is ready for anything. Built with the quality you expect from KLIM.
  • Carlsbad Pant

    Regular Price:

    US $489.99

    The Carlsbad was conceived for the need of highly mobile, highly vented and minimized bulk adventure gear & all while maintaining KLIM's highest abrasion resistance and durability standards. Specifically designed to handle the rigors of on and off-road riding, the Carlsbad is the essential ADV setup for riders looking for a no-compromise streamlined package of high mobility, comfort and durability. All KLIM's ADV and Street motorcycle outerwear comes with the Crash Protection Guarantee.
    Trust KLIM.

  • Klim Traverse Pants

    Regular Price:

    US $399.99

    The KLIM Traverse line of completely waterproof, extremely durable and functional off-road outerwear is the benchmark in all-conditions comfort. Still unmatched in the industry, Traverse is the one solution trail and dual-sport riders can count on to deliver the most enjoyable ride in the most miserable conditions. This generation of the Traverse receives an intelligent redesign to match the off-road legacy of our Dakar lineup’s improvements including a refined fit, updated reflective materials, and intelligent ventilation system improvements. As durable as ever, better fitting and with an increased comfort range, the Traverse is designed to take the threat of rain out of your riding equation. Ride all day, any day, every day in absolute dry comfort.

  • Klim Adventure Rally Pant

    Regular Price:

    US $999.99

    The all-new Adventure Rally Pant from KLIM® enjoys fourth-generation technology to bring you the ultimate global riding experience. These adventure motorcycle pants have been perfected in material, design and construction to be the one garment that can take you anywhere, from around-the-world trips to the brutal Dakar Rally.

  • Klim Women's Altitude Pant

    Regular Price:

    US $499.99

    KLIM® provides the female rider with the best in material selection, craftsmanship, fit and style with the Altitude Pant. GORE-TEX® weatherproof technology, high-tech armor coverage, intelligent reflective—it’s all here.

  • Klim Mojave In-The-Boot Pant (Non-Current)

    Regular Price: US $169.99

    Special Price US $127.49

    The Mojave In-The-Boot (ITB) Pant provides the best hot-weather comfort while maintaining ultra-durability and functionality for riders who demand more than traditional, fragile motocross gear. The Mojave ITB Pant has been redesigned with a precisely fitted chassis and increased mobility via full-length stretch panels providing maximum mobility. For the hottest rides in the most rugged mountain trails or the open desert valleys that demand a lightweight, high-airflow motorcycle pant that also gives you cargo capacity and unmatched durability, the answer is the Mojave ITB Pant.
  • Klim Dakar In-The-Boot Pant (Non-Current)

    Regular Price: US $189.99

    Special Price US $149.99

    The all-new Dakar In-The-Boot (ITB) Pant is the choice for traditional moto-pant wearing riders looking for a more durable, versatile off-road option. The Dakar ITB Pant has been redesigned with a precisely fitted chassis with added mobility via full-length stretch panels. Full CORDURA® main-body construction and the best controlled-ventilation and cargo systems available put the Dakar ITB on top. From the Dakar Rally, to the King of Motos to your toughest local single-track, the Dakar ITB Pant is a bomb-proof, versatile off-road riding pant.
  • Klim Forecast Pant

    Regular Price:

    US $199.99

    Highly effective waterproof/breathable shell pant built specifically for motorsports use. The Forecast Pant provides an effective, durable GORE-TEX® GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® barrier between you and the elements without getting in the way.

  • Klim XC Pant

    Regular Price: US $169.99

    Special Price US $124.99

    THE XC PANT focuses on keeping the rider comfortable and protected through durable fabrics and top quality workmanship, while offering incredible fit and comfort. Ventilation is built in. This is a race pant for the rider who isn’t going to stop and adjust anything and needs the pant to fit and function perfectly for hours at a time.

  • Klim Latitude Pant

    Regular Price:

    US $499.99

    Comfortably combining weatherproof, cargo, armor and comfort systems into a robust touring pant, the Latitude Pant begs to be challenged on your next tour.

    Built with real toughness but refined for a great fit on a multitude of bike and body types, KLIM®’s Latitude series truly welcomes all comers, from cruiser to sport-tourer, long-distance to commuter and all niches in-between.

    Enjoy the confidence of a highly developed GORE-TEX® weatherproof pant with legendary KLIM® design on your next journey.

  • Klim K Fifty 1 Jean

    Regular Price:

    US $289.99

    When it comes to comfortable denim riding pants, KLIM®’s K Fifty 1 Jeans deliver the abrasion resistance, impact coverage comfort and style you deserve. These regular-fit motorcycle denim jeans perform on the road and look great along the way. 

    Complete with integrated D3O™ knee and hip armor and a heavy-duty CORDURA® Denim construction.

  • Klim Torrent Over Pant

    Regular Price:

    US $299.99
    Quickly add full weather and impact coverage to any tour or commute with the all-new Torrent Overpant from KLIM®.
    Built for real waterproofness and durability thanks to it’s GORE-TEX® 3-layer Pro Shell main body and leather inner knee overlays, the Torrent Overpant provides an incredibly high-quality all-weather solution over any riding pants.
  • Klim Women's Altitude Pant (Non-Current)

    Regular Price: US $499.99

    Special Price US $374.99

    The all-new Altitude Pant proudly showcases the fit designed specifically for a women with the proper armor technology for a perfect match. Featuring the latest D3O® EVO technology, forward-thinking armor (also designed specifically for the aggressive female rider), GORE-TEX® GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® fabrics, intelligent stretch panel engineering and increased use of 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective material.

  • Klim Gore-Tex Overshell Pant

    Regular Price:

    US $299.99

    THE GORE-TEX® Overshell Pant from KLIM® provides weatherproof protection for the bottom half of your Adventure Rally Air system. Simple pull the KLIM motorcycle overpants over your Adventure Rally Air pants and your riding boots (the full-length zipper makes this a cinch) and you’ll be on your way in supremely breathable, 100% Waterproof GORE-TEX® GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® comfort.

  • Klim Adventure Rally Air Pant

    Regular Price:

    US $899.99
    The KLIM® Adventure Rally Air Pant redefines what fully-ventilated adventure gear can stand up to. Its high marks in abrasion and cut/tear resistance and impressive use of the new D3O® XERGO® line of integrated armor pieces ensures hot, humid and brutally abusive conditions have been tamed. The Adventure Rally Air Pant maintains high-end KLIM® pant features as well. Premium leather inner knees, reflective mesh materials, SuperFabric® slide zones on the knees and a sleek, simply adjustable boot cuff.

  • Klim Adventure Rally Pant (Non-Current)

    Regular Price: US $899.99

    Special Price US $618.55

    Our all-new, redesigned Adventure Rally Pant proudly showcases the latest in advanced material, fit and armor technology to perfectly match the new Adventure Rally Jacket. Featuring the newest D3O® XERGO® line of forward-thinking armor pieces, GORE-TEX® Pro Shell Armacor® waterproof, breathable fabrics, intelligent stretch panel engineering and increased use of 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective materials, nothing stands close to the Adventure Rally Pant for epic journeys across any terrain. 

  • Klim Mojave Pant (Non-Current)

    Regular Price: US $199.99

    Special Price US $149.99

    KLIM®s Mojave Pant is the fully ventilated brother to the ultra-versatile Dakar Pant. Built on the same updated, articulated and refined chassis as the new Dakar Pant, the Mojave Pant incorporates maximum mesh materials to keep you cool as the temperatures climb. Combining durability and mesh ventilation is done by the liberal use of CORDURA® materials in the highest wear areas and the most durable mesh materials in the world everywhere else. The Mojave Pant also gets the updated thicker and more water resistant leather inner knees. If you're looking for hot-day comfort and lightweight durability in an over-the-boot pant, the Mojave Pant is the ultimate off-road choice.

  • Klim Dakar Pant (Non-Current)

    Regular Price: US $209.99

    Special Price US $149.99

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    The Dakar Pant is the most popular off-road motorcycle pant for good reason. It combines unmatched durability, cargo capacity, comfort and the best controlled ventilation system ever designed for an over-the-boot pant. This all-new update for the Dakar Pant incorporates a more refined fit around the knees and legs to reduce loose material, more articulation for on-the-bike comfort and thicker leather on the inner knees treated to resist moisture and stay flexible longer. The KLIM Dakar Pant is the all-season off-road pant that is just at home conquering Dakar Rally stages as it is roosting your buddies on your local rides. Get in the most popular off-road pant today and experience real comfort and durability

19 Item(s)