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One-Piece Snowmobile Suits

With a one-piece snowmobile suit you can avoid what is commonly referred to as "snow crack". If you aren't sure what this means, then this suit probably isn't for you. With the HMK Special Ops Shellweight suite, you will ride in style and stay warm and dry.

Our snowmobile suits provide comfort and protection, providing warmth and flexibility. Much like a motorcycle suit, snowmobile suits must protect against snow, wetness and wind. Our high-quality snowmobile suits do just that, providing an exceptional level of comfort and utility to our customers.

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  • TOBE Contego Mono Suit

    Regular Price: US $849.95

    Special Price US $649.99

    The products in the Contego series are engineered to be your premiere backcountry gear. No expense or effort has been spared to ensure that these products will endure the extreme abuse that comes with backcountry riding. Our custom engineered face fabric coupled with the industry leading Sympatex membrane offers an exceptionally durable and 100% waterproof and windproof garment with outstanding breathability. With the Contego collection we accomplished what we set out to do, to offer the most durable and comfortable riding gear in the world.
  • TOBE Vivid Mono Suit

    Regular Price: US $749.95

    Special Price US $599.95

    Winter is not for everyone, but we are a unique breed. Some of us stand on running boards, others in bindings, but we all share the same fundamental needs when it comes to outlasting the elements. We crave function, simplicity, quality and most of all, performance. The Vivid one piece snow suit series is the answer we’ve been seeking. Inspired from our time spent on snow machines, skis and snowboards, often in the same day, we are proud to present our most functional and versatile one piece snow suit collection yet.

  • TOBE Privus Mono Suit

    Regular Price:

    US $699.95
    4.9 2

    The Privus series truly represents the very core from which TOBE originated. This is where colors meet function. This is where passion meets nature. With one-piece snow suits from the Privus series, we reach out to those who share our love for the cold and wild, the beauty of the untouched, and a life far from your everyday boundaries. Its personal, it’s dedication, and its a life you choose. Only you can understand.

  • Klim Lochsa One-Piece Suit

    Regular Price:

    US $949.99
    5 2

    Complete comfort and coverage, ultra-freedom and the truly simplistic solution for active and aggressive riders who want do-it-all outerwear, this all-new Klim one-piece suit brings unbeatable convenience with KLIM® and GORE-TEX® performance. Step into the LOCHSA One Piece ® snow suit and enjoy GORE-TEX® three layer durability and breathability, massive ventilation, durable nylon construction and the lightest, fastest ride on the snow. One and done.

4 Item(s)