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There is a reason that KLIM is still around -- they make fantastic products for a reasonable price. We, at SnowBigDeal are proud to offer this brands amazing gear, especially their helmets and goggles. Their helmets are lightweight and multi-faceted. KLIM also provides the fog-free goggles of tomorrow... with dual pane lenses that reduce fogging and enhance your field of view. Be sure to check out all of the amazing KLIM products below. We'd be happy to answer any questions that you might have -- just call 877-SNOW-BIG and we'll be there to help you out. Also, we offer FREE shipping on all US Orders!

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  • Klim Helmets & Goggles

    Klim Helmets & Goggles

    Helmets & Goggles for the Snow

    Klim is one of the longest running snowmobile gear brands, and for good reason. They source only the highest-quality materials, spend extensive amounts of time on research and development, continuously improve, and deliver premium craftsmanship. Their helmets and goggles offer a snow specific fit and venting system, meaning fog is less of a problem than it was before. Through their intensive standards they deliver only the best. From the lightweight F5 helmet to the price-friendly F3, Klim understands that safety is incredibly important. Check them out below, or use the filters to the side to narrow your results.

  • Klim One-Piece Suits

    Klim One-Piece Suits

    Klim Monosuits

    Monosuits have been in and out of the snowmobile world for years, and recently they have made a come-back and proved once again that they are extremely comfortable and prevent more snow from getting into your gear. Klim designed the Lochsa monosuit with comfort and range-of-motion in mind by using a Gore-Tex shell and no insulation, so it feels weightless. You can check out the Lochsa one-piece below for all the information you might want.

  • Klim Coats & Jackets

    Klim Coats & Jackets

    Snowmobile Parkas

    Riding without a quality jacket is awful, you get cold, sweaty, and downright uncomfortable. So when it comes to choosing a jacket to ride in take a look at Klim. Klim has been in the snowmobile industry for years and has become known as one of the most premium snowmobile outerwear brands. With advanced technology, incredible materials, and quality craftsmanship Klim gear endures the beatings you might give it. Plus, all of Klim outerwear including coats and jackets are backed with extreme warranties - some even for life. Check out our selection of snowmobiling coats and jackets below or use the filter to the left to narrow down the results.

  • Klim Bibs & Pants

    Klim Bibs & Pants

    Snowmobile Bibs

    Hitting the mountain on a snowmobile is great, however it isn't entirely fun if you don't have pants on. Pants keep you warm and protected from all of the other elements that you might encounter on your ride. That being said, be sure to gear up with a great set of bibs or a pair of pants from Klim. Their bibs and pants offer the most impressive technical materials like Gore-Tex and moisture-wicking fabrics, and incredible quality control. Check them out below to find out why so many people swear by Klim.

  • Klim Layering

    Klim Layering

    Completing the Outerwear System

    Klim has been pioneering snowmobile outerwear and gear since their beginning, and they are still doing it today. Klim introduced the layering systems we know as the aggressor for men and the solstice for women. The purpose of layering is to add warmth, moisture-wicking, and/or cooling technology underneath the main shell. Layering allows you to adapt to changes in riding conditions - so if you get too hot just shed a layer, or if you get too cold pop another layer on. Check them out below or use the filter to the left to navigate the layers that we stock.

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