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Snowmobile Headwear

Head Protection

Snowmobile balaclavas are important in keeping a head climate controlled. The wide range of snowmobiling balaclavas from Klim and 509 have numerous different features - from the materials used to the length of the neck of the balaclava itself. Klim's Windstopper material does just that - stops the wind and in the process keeps you warm. Check them out below for more information on each snowmobile face mask and balaclava.

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  • Klim Glacier Balaclava

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    US $59.99
    Our most technical head sock for the aggressive rider who encounters the harshest conditions. Featuring an over-the-collar design, the Glacier Balaclava is the perfect blend of extreme weather protection and active riding functionality.
  • Klim Arctic Balaclava

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    US $54.99

    Specifically designed for the coldest riding conditions on Earth, the Arctic Balaclava features a massive feature list fit for the most extreme climates. From the base, the Arctic Balaclava brings a massive, ultra-wide skirt to ensure it stays put. Add in; full WINOSTOPPER®-frontal attack with KLIM's variable fleece backer thicknesses around eyes (to enhance fit and reduce restriction), full neoprene nose piece/breath deflector, lycra stretch back, conformed neck fit, and super stretchy fleece over the head. All-in-all, this is one Balaclava that can take it all.

  • Klim Rogue Balaclava

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    US $49.99
    Minimal design using WINDSTOPPER® and COOLMAX® fabrics allows the Rogue Balaclava to be extremely comfortable still offering the functional benefits of technical fabrics. WINDSTOPPER® over-the-collar design stops cold air and weather from entering.
  • Klim Covert Balaclava

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    US $49.99

    Snowmobile Balaclava

    The Klim Covert Balaclava is great for keeping the wind from chilling your face on those rides up the mountain on those chilly mornings.

  • Klim Shadow Balaclava

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    US $29.99
    This simple but effective balaclava uses super-soft stretch fleece and DRI-RELEASE® wool, which allows the shadow balaclava to be extremely comfortable while maintaining wind protection and warmth.
  • Klim Balaclava

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    US $29.99

    Snowmobile Facemask

    The Klim Balaclava is designed to keep the wind off your face on those chilly morning or late night rides,

6 Item(s)