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TOBE & KLIM Monosuits

Snow is great, but as fun as it is it is also very cold. Which it is why it is so important to get gear that not only keeps up with you riding but making sure that your gear is comfortable. These monosuits are insulated, meaning that they have more warming abilities than the non-insulated monosuits. These are great for riders who consider themselves trail riders or those who just get colder than most. But if you find yourself working up a sweat be sure to check out the non-insulated monosuits. You can even add layers underneath to add some warmth and protection without being strapped down into having insulation all the time.

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  • TOBE REX Mono Suit

    Regular Price:

    US $999.95

     Insulated One Piece 

    The TOBE REX Mono Suit is designed to keep you comfortable on the mountain, whether that means riding the trails or the trees. 

  • TOBE CALOR Mono Suit

    Regular Price:

    US $979.95

    Insulated One Piece

    Designed for warmth and comfort. Keeping you warm and dry so you can enjoy your day on the mountain.

  • Klim Lochsa One-Piece Suit

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    US $949.99
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    Complete comfort and coverage, ultra-freedom and the truly simplistic solution for active and aggressive riders who want do-it-all outerwear, this all-new Klim one-piece suit brings unbeatable convenience with KLIM® and GORE-TEX® performance. Step into the LOCHSA One Piece ® snow suit and enjoy GORE-TEX® three layer durability and breathability, massive ventilation, durable nylon construction and the lightest, fastest ride on the snow. One and done.

  • TOBE NOVO Mono Suit

    Regular Price:

    US $799.95

    Non-Insulated One Piece

    Make sure that you are protected from all the elements you might find on the mountain (like rain, snow, wind, and just general cold) with a monosuit that lives up to the name of TOBE. The NOVO mono suit is a 2 layer sympatex non-insulated suit, designed with intense mountain riding in mind.

  • TOBE Vivid Mono Suit

    Regular Price:

    US $749.95

    Winter is not for everyone, but we are a unique breed. Some of us stand on running boards, others in bindings, but we all share the same fundamental needs when it comes to outlasting the elements. We crave function, simplicity, quality and most of all, performance. The Vivid one piece snow suit series is the answer we’ve been seeking. Inspired from our time spent on snow machines, skis and snowboards, often in the same day, we are proud to present our most functional and versatile one piece snow suit collection yet.

  • TOBE LUDO Mono Suit

    Regular Price:

    US $599.95

     Non Insulated One Piece

    Ultralight 3 layer design for the people who prefer to be weightless as they headup the mountain, yet still wish to be protected.

  • TOBE Nox Mono Suit

    Regular Price:

    US $499.95
    The 101 Series is all about making world class outerwear accessible to all. So, we went back to our roots and remembered the early days, and the essential needs that came with spending all day in the elements. These needs boiled down to being warm, dry and safe. We designed the Nox Series to exceed expectation while addressing these needs. The 100% waterproof and windproof design, combined with excellent breathability were the foundation.The attention to every detail inside and out is what makes the Nox Series the most capable outerwear accessible to everyone.

7 Item(s)