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Klim has been at it since 1996 developing quality gear with preoim materials like GORE-TEX and Cordura. The only thing that has changed is the amount of research and development that goes into creating products. Klim has changed the game and continues to do so everyday. From insulated waterproof bibs and non-insulated winter bibs to snowbike specific, Klim has spent loads of time ensuring that you get what you pay for - and backing that with a lifetime warranty.

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  • Klim Women's Alpine Bib

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    US $369.99

    Aggressive Gear for Aggressive Women

    The most advanced women's outerwear is here - the Klim Alpine Bib. GORE-TEX waterproofing, stretch material, and supreme breathability make up the completely redesigned Women's Alpine Bib. Fine-tuned to fit real-world female body shapes and deliver results for the aggressive riders that wear them.

  • Klim Kaos Pant-Bib

    Regular Price:

    US $299.99

    Insulated Bib or Pant

    When it comes to snowmobile gear Klim knows how to make it. The Klim Kaos Pant-Bib is the innovation to insulated snowmobile bibs that nobody knew they needed. With GORE-TEX waterproofing and 3M Thinsulate insulation throughout it is built with the quality that you've come to expect from Klim. Pair with the Klim Kaos Parka for supreme performance.

  • Klim Klimate Bib

    Regular Price:

    US $339.99

    Immensely Warm Snowmobiling Bibs

    Making sure that your legs and everything in between stay warm this year shouldn't be too hard when your wearing the Klim Klimate Bib. Engineered to provide warmth, comfort, and protection from the harsh elements found in the backcountry. With GORE-TEX waterproofing that guaranteed to keep you dry and 3M Thinsulate insulation designed to provide immense warmth and loads of other great materials the Klimate Bib stands up to the ridiculous standards set by Klim.

  • Klim Powerhawk Pant-Bib

    Regular Price:

    US $349.99

    Lightweight, aggressive, and convertible Snowmobile Pants

    This set of trousers is the love child of the Klim Powerxross Pant and the Klim Tomahawk Bib, with all of the great features combined to make perhaps the most versatile non-insulated pant of the Klim line-up. Born in the backcountry and raised on the racetrack - the Klim Powerhawk is lightweight, aggressive, convertible, and bred for performance.

  • Klim Togwotee Bib

    Regular Price:

    US $499.99

    Quality. Durability. Togwotee.

    Hitting the mountains on the sled is awesome, and at the same time can be treacherous. Trees, snow, rocks, and harsh riding conditions can attribute to quite a bit of abuse for your gear. So when it comes time to pick out the next set of bibs be sure to seriously consider the bomb-proof Klim Togwotee Bib. Made with extremely durable Cordura fabrics and the unsurpassed quality of Klim it makes sense that this bib will withstand a beating.

  • 509 Range Insulated Bib

    Regular Price:

    US $299.95

    Insulated Snowmobile Bibs

    509 is famous for their helmets and goggles, for the design, safety, performance, and style of them. 509 now makes some sweet Snowmobiling outerwear like bibs and jackets - like the Range Insulated Bib.

  • Klim Women's Jackson Bib

    Regular Price:

    US $399.99
    When you’re looking for warmth, comfort and style, KLIM’s new Jackson Collection is the first, and last, outerwear to grab when heading into winter. It’s versatile combination of comfortable materials and high-tech components mean you’ll be dry, warm and absolutely cozy. Whether you’re taking the kids to a hockey game or a much needed ride around the lake alone, Jackson has the performance and look to keep you out and about. The Jackson Bib looks great and performs even better.
  • Klim Tundra Bib

    Regular Price:

    US $399.99

    The Tundra Collection of KLIM bibs blend all-winter versatility and toughness with high-tech materials and construction, making it the one set of outerwear that can truly do it all. Massive strength and traditional work wear style are just as at home blitzing across the lake as they are collecting firewood for the cabin. The warmest insulation and legendary GORE-TEX waterproofness combine in a versatile, classic collection. The Tundra snowmobiling bibs define classic style and renowned performance.

  • Klim Keweenaw Bib

    Regular Price:

    US $439.99
    KLIM's Keweenaw Collection returns to dominate the snow's most demanding rides. Still the most mobile and comfortable insulated riding gear available, Keweenaw pieces from KLIM continue to pioneer custom zonal insulation construction and feature a robust chassis, ample cargo and intelligent ventilation options. The Keweenaw Bib proves that warmth, mobility and comfort can be perfected.
  • Klim Rohn Bib

    Regular Price:

    US $549.99
    The all-new Rohn Collection from KLIM is the ultimate advanced cold-weather insulated riding gear. Developed and tested to provide absolute comfort in the harshest conditions, Rohn's innovative Compression Resistant Insulation core maintains heat-holding loft in the face of blistering winds and sub-zero temps. Simply put, the Rohn bib is custom built to battle cold to the core.
  • Klim Stealth Bib

    Regular Price:

    US $569.99
    The redesigned STEALTH BIB enjoys a massive fabric upgrade thanks to KLIM®’s Mountaineering Grade 150D Nylon Outer Fabric now used in combination with ultra-durable overlays on the lower legs and knees. The Stealth is maximum mobility, maximum bulk reduction and maximum ventilation for the most aggressive riders on the planet.
  • Klim Women's Allure Bib

    Regular Price:

    US $349.99
    The redesigned fully insulated Allure Bib is even more complete. Starting at the top, the new Allurefeatures a new tank-top-cut upper incorporating stretch and insulation fabrics and reduced bulk and for maximum under-jacket comfort and mobility. Still features convenient drop-seat and the unbeatable durability you expect from KLIM®.
  • Klim Women's Aria Pant

    Regular Price:

    US $329.99 As low as: US $229.99

    The perfect way to complete your new winter collection, the ARIA PANT combines 3M™ THINSULATE™ insulation with GORE-TEX® fabric technology to keep you warm, dry and comfortably stylish all day on the snow. Designed for comfort, ARIA puts a premium on usable pockets and an engineered fit with a happy dose of style thanks to customized accents and details.

  • Klim Instinct Pant

    Regular Price:

    US $299.99 As low as: US $229.99

    KLIM®’s all-new INSTINCT PANT pairs perfectly with the INSTINCT PARKA for a backcountry combination that looks as great as it performs. Backed by GORE-TEX® waterproof and breathable performance fabric technology and insulated modestly, the INSTINCT PANT is built for all-day, all activity comfort.

  • Klim Havoc Bib

    Regular Price:

    US $469.99
    The world’s first snowbike-specific bib engineered for the extreme conditions of backcountry snowbike excursions. Over-the-top durability and maximum freedom-of-movement ensure this pant is up to the heat and brutality of your next ride.
  • Klim Storm Bibs

    Regular Price:

    US $389.99
    Klim Storm Bibs

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