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Non-Current Boots & Socks

Better Boots and Better Deals

Boots not only help support your feet when your cruising through the trees, but they also prevent the cold from creeping in. If you are heading up the mountain its a no-brainer to get yourself a pair of boots that are both functional and comfortable. We've stocked up on non-current boots so that you can get your feet into a set of them for low prices. Check them out below for more information.

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  • Klim Arctic Boot

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    US $279.99
    The warmest high-performance structured boot in KLIM’s lineup has strongly supported highly active riders across severely cold-weather terrain for years. Now, Arctic brings an improved, more comfortable fit, higher levels of durability and lighter weight straight from our backcountry Adrenaline Boot technology. When the best-fitting and warmest performance boot is a must Arctic is the choice.
  • Klim Sock

    Regular Price: US $26.99

    Special Price US $18.49

    As the most versatile sock in the Klim lineup, the Klim sock performs perfectly in  wide range of circumstances. In warmer conditions the KLIM sock wicks moisture and dries quickly. Wool content insulates and keeps you comfortable in colder conditions. The perfect hybrid sock for every ride.
  • Klim Sock (Non-Current)

    Regular Price: US $24.99

    Special Price US $17.99

    The Klim Sock is our most versatile technical sock designed to enhance the performance of GORE-TEX® boots by wicking moisture away from the skin allowing the foot to stay warm and dry. The Klim Sock if effective in a wide range of temperatures and conditions.

    Note that the use of a technical sock is required to obtain the full functionality of a GORE-TEX® boot.

3 Item(s)