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Keeping your hands warm is vital to having a good time on the snow - that being said it is smart to invest in a pair of quality gloves. Below are gloves with multiple different features - from leather palms to Gore-Tex fabrics and loads of other stuff in between. Plus, these gloves have been marked down to move out. Check them out below or filter through them using the pane to your left, and get ready to ride in complete comfort.

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  • Klim Women's Allure Glove (Non-Current)

    Regular Price:

    US $89.99
    Built specifically for female hands in search of maximum comfort, the Allure glove incorporates the GORE-TEX 2-in-1 glove system (one position maximizing warmth, the other maximizing grip) and features high-quality 3M Thinsulate Platinum insulation. If you’re looking for the women-specific glove that does it all, this is it.
  • Klim Fusion Glove (Non-Current)

    Regular Price:

    US $139.99

    Adaptable Snowmobiling Glove

    Quickly and easily change the amount of insulation on the back of your hand or the palm with the internal divider of the Klim Fusion Glove. GORE-TEX waterproofing brings the Fusion Glove to the big boy table, plus the insulation divider makes it more adaptable to different conditions - meaning you don't have to change gloves throughout the day. Gore-Grip technology binds all the materials into one meaning you get the best grip too.

  • Klim Klimate Glove (Non-Current)

    Regular Price:

    US $59.99

    Insulated Snowmobiling Glove

    Get the most bang for you buck with the Klim Klimate Glove - engineered for warmth, comfort, and staying dry. With GORE-TEX waterproofing and 200 Grams of insulation in the back of hand and fingers, and 100 grams on the palm. The palm is made of a tacky and durable material that gives you the grip of Spiderman while remaining durable against the grips.

  • Klim Women's Allure Glove (Non-Current)

    Regular Price: US $119.99

    Special Price US $79.99

    Built specifically for female hands in search of maximum comfort the KLIM Allure GTX® Glove incorporates GORE-TEX®’s ingenious 2-in-1 glove system and features high-quality 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation. Updates focused on more finger curving, a slimmer profile, greater thumb articulation, less bulk in the palm and new hardware just to name a few. If you’re looking for a do-all, every-ride glove built specifically for the female rider, the Allure GTX® Glove is the first and foremost answer.
  • Klim Women's Allure Mittens (Non-Current)

    Regular Price: US $89.99

    Special Price US $59.99

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    KLIM’s new women’s-specific mitten performs in the coldest conditions while still giving positive feedback to controls and a comfortable grip thanks to the leather palm and thumb. For riders who never seem warm enough in a glove, the gauntlet-length Allure Mitten brings the added warmth of Zonal Thinsulate™ Construction for ultimate comfort for every ride.

  • Klim Caribou Mittens (Non-Current)

    Regular Price: US $99.99

    Special Price US $59.99

    KLIM’s GORE-TEX® Caribou Mitten is built to face brutally cold conditions head-on. As the first fully featured GORE-TEX® GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® insulated Mitten in KLIM’s performance glove lineup, the Caribou provides massive levels of loft insulation, tactile leather palm grip and all the comfort you can possibly imagine.

  • Klim Togwotee Glove (Non-Current)

    Regular Price:

    US $104.99

    Gauntlet Snowmobiling Glove

    The Klim Togwotee Glove is the gauntlet glove with a purpose - not only does it have GORE-TEX waterproofing, leather palms, and Gore-Grip technology, but also it is also compatible with the Klim Glove Liners. Which means that you can customize the feel and warmth of the glove, getting more out of it than traditional gloves. The Togwotee Glove also has a removable liner of it's own, so that you can go from no-insulation to extreme insulation.

  • Klim PowerXross Glove (Non-Current)

    Regular Price:

    US $74.99

    Waterproof Snowmobiling Glove

    Designed with racers in mind and light insulation to keep the cold off your hands. GORE-TEX waterproofing has been integrated with 100 Grams of 3M Thinsulate Platinum Insulation for supreme performance and comfort. Plus with Gore-Grip technology in the palm, the glove offers all of this without limiting the grip you want. Leather palms provide durability and increased grip.

  • Klim PowerXross Gloves - Non-Current

    Regular Price: US $99.99

    Special Price US $59.99

    The Klim PowerXross Glove has been updated and improved. Still GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® and still featuring unbeatable GORE-TEX® technology, these Klim gloves now come with a full leather palm and improved wrist strap closure. The PowerXross is simply leading the class of 100% waterproof wrist-length power sports snow gloves.

  • Klim Togwotee Gloves (Non-Current)

    Regular Price: US $119.99

    Special Price US $71.99

    Feature packed and ready for anything, the Togwotee Glove offers premium GORE-TEX® waterproof/breathable performance in a leather-palm glove. The removable fleece liner adds additional warmth without bulk, interacting flawlessly with your machine's grips and controls.
  • Klim Elite Gloves (Non-Current)

    Regular Price: US $229.99

    Special Price US $159.99

    The Elite Glove represents the highest class of technology and performance ever included in snowmobile gloves. Featuring the world’s first GORE-TEX® X-TRAFIT™ technology for the snowmobile market, the KLIM Elite Glove is GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® and it’s benefits start with a direct connection between man and machine through GORE’s X-TRAFIT™ grip technology—eliminating slip and slop in your grip. Intelligent Thinsulate™ insulation, Poron® XRD® knuckle and wrist coverage and the unbeatable performance of Pittards® Armortan® Ceramic reinforced Leather round out the most advanced glove in snowmobiling. Innovative, unmatched and unbeatable; this is the Elite.

  • 509 Factor Gloves

    Regular Price:

    US $49.95
    Crafted from only the very best materials and workmanship these gloves keep you both warm and dry and have industry leading durability. Simply put, these are the best gloves on the market, bar none.
  • 509 Freeride Snowmobile Gloves

    Regular Price:

    US $79.95

    Lightweight Snow Gloves

    The 509 Freeride Snowmobiling Glove is perfect for keeping warm this year. Not only does it have light insulation and a design that reduces bulk, but it is also waterproof. This means that you can ride in comfort knowing that your hands are warm and protected from the cold snow that seems to love fingertips.

  • 509 Backcountry Snowmobile Gloves

    Regular Price:

    US $99.95

    Gauntlet Snow Glove

    Make sure that you keep your digits warm this winter with the 509 Backcountry Gauntlet styled glove. Premium insulation in the back of the hand keeps your hands warm while riding at speed, while the Pittards leather palm gives you uncompromised grip.

  • FXR Tactic Air Glove

    Regular Price: US $139.99

    Special Price US $94.99

    FXR Tactic Air Glove
  • Klim Inversion Glove (Non-Current)

    Regular Price:

    US $37.49

    Lightweight Windstopping Glove

    Looking for a lightweight glove that'll block the wind and keep your hands warm? The you've come to the right place, the Klim Inversion Glove is a great glove for light use. Thanks to GORE Windstopper the chilly breeze won't get your digits all cold, plus the high-grip synthetic palm, refined fit, and updated fabrics this glove will provide great functionality.

  • Klim Inversion Gloves (Non-Current)

    Regular Price: US $49.99

    Special Price US $32.99

    The incredibly popular power sport-specific WINDSTOPPER® Inversion Glove is the active-rider's go-to glove no matter the conditions. New for 2012 is an updated fit with special attention given to a bunch-free, comfortable grip. A new synthetic palm material, fully wrapped fingertip construction and redesigned rubberized closure combine to intelligently update the best coldweather motorsports glove in the world.

  • Klim Inversion Pro Glove (Non-Current)

    Regular Price: US $89.99

    Special Price US $59.99

    KLIM®s most popular WINDSTOPPER® glove now comes in a premium leather version. The all-new Inversion Pro glove provides excellent windproof coldweather protection and direct-contact dexterity with the unmatched durability of leather. Todays most active riders will love the supreme fit, durable construction and premium features like PORON® XRD Extreme Impact foam and 3M Scotchlite reflective accents.

  • Klim Summit Gloves (Non-Current)

    Regular Price: US $159.99

    Special Price US $99.99

    Non-Insulated Snowmobile Glove

    The Klim Summit Glove has a light insulation and leather palm for extra grip. GORE-TEX waterproofing also keeps your hands nice and toasty this year.

  • FXR Cold X Race Slip-on Glove

    Regular Price: US $49.99

    Special Price US $39.99

    Silicone traction palm // Aggressive pre-curved finger design for precision fit and dexterity // TPR wrist strap adjuster (on Adjustable Glove) // Padded Palm (on Adjustable Glove)

20 Item(s)