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Non-Current One-Piece Suits

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Monosuits have been around for a while - and though some may think that they look funny, they work incredibly well. With stretch fabrics, Gore-Tex, insulation, and unique technology monosuits offer more coverage for more comfort. Below you can find one-piece suits from Klim, TOBE, and FXR for fantastically reduced prices too.

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  • TOBE Privus Mono Suit

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    The Privus series truly represents the very core from which TOBE originated. This is where colors meet function. This is where passion meets nature. With one-piece snow suits from the Privus series, we reach out to those who share our love for the cold and wild, the beauty of the untouched, and a life far from your everyday boundaries. Its personal, it’s dedication, and its a life you choose. Only you can understand.

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