SnowPulse Highmark Pro Protection Airbag

Highmark Pro

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The SnowPulse Highmark Pro is a feature-rich Airbag that sets a new standard for snowmobiling packs. The perfect size for any venture, this 22L airbag uses the Snowpulse 2.0 inflation system paired with the Protection Airbag System, the only airbag to offer trauma protection for the head, neck and chest of the user. The SnowPulse Highmark Pro is the ideal match for the backcountry sledder who recognizes the importance of quality and function when playing in the mountains miles from nowhere.

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  • SnowPulse Highmark Pro Features:

    • Volume: 22L
    • Uses Snowpulse Inflation System 2.0
    • Removable Protection Airbag System
    • Exterior Shovel Storage
    • External Shovel Handle Holder
    • Interior Probe Sleeve
    • Easy Belt System
    • Three Main Stow Pockets
    • Fleece-Lined Goggle Pocket
    • Easy Access Emergency Pocket
    • Thermo-Moulded Padded Back
    • YKK Oversized Zippers
    • Hip Belt Pocket
    • Air Flow Vents
    • Adjustable Chest Strap
    • Customizable Aluminum Frame
    • Adjustable Height Hip Belt
    • One Size Fits All
    • 7.3 lbs (3311 g) - measured with cylinder and PAS

    Increased Chance of Survival
    The functioning of the avalanche airbag is based on the physical principle of "inverse segregation". This sorting effect means that in an equally moving mass of particles, the smaller particles gravitate to the bottom while the larger ones rise to the surface. The avalanche airbag increases the wearer's volume, significantly boosting this effect. The avalanche airbag can therefore help to keep the wearer's body on the surface of the snow and thus prevent complete burial. Easy to be located, the size and bright color of the avalanche airbag assists with rapid location.

    Head On Top Technology
    Similar to a life vest used in water, the Snowpulse airbag is designed to keep you on your back with your head out of the snow. With the innovative shape and position of the airbag, the Snowpulse airbag is the best solution for keeping an avalanche victim on the surface and avoiding asphyxiation.

    Protect Your Head, Neck and Chest from Shocks During an Avalanche
    It is important to know that 10 to 25% (and almost 30% in North America) of avalanche deaths were due to shocks, and injuries to the chest and head represented 88% of cases. Only Snowpulse airbags are designed to protect the head, back of neck and chest.

    Time Saving During an Avalanche
    Thanks to its bright color the airbag is easy to see on the surface and therefore, saves time finding an avalanche victim.

    Lightweight and Erogonic Design
    The Snowpulse airbag is an extremely light and compact avalanche system. Because the airbag is stored in the shoulder straps, valuable carrying space is saved, and the weight is well distributed on your back and close to your body. Snowpulse backpacks offer considerable comfort, whatever the load.

    Burst Zipper Technology
    The protective airbag is enclosed using a special ‘Burst Zipper’ which runs along the shoulder straps and over the top of the bag. When the airbag is inflated the ‘Burst Zipper’ opens allowing the airbag to inflate. The zipper is not damaged during inflation and can be re-zipped and reused.


    Refilling your Snowpulse Cylinder
    Refillable Cylinder: 207 Bar Aluminum

    The Snowpulse cylinder can be refilled at various certified retail outlets such as SCUBA or paintball stores in the US and Canada. You will find instructions on how to refill your cylinder in the User Manual

    Is there a HazMat Fee?
    SnowPulse cylinders can be shipped 'Empty' or 'Filled' with SnowPulse Airbag Systems. Filled cylinders are considered a HazMat (Hazardous Materials) item and require a HazMat Fee for shipping.  If you select "No HazMat" during checkout, you will be responsible for finding a refill center to fill the canister.

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