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20-use O-ring Kit

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O-ring Replacement Kit for SnowPulse Airbag Canisters.

For SnowPulse canisters up to 2010-2011 model.

  • The Snowpulse cylinder is reusable. However, when it has been blown, before filling it with dry compressed air to 3000psi, there is a small o-ring that must be changed. This o-ring is found on the piston which sits inside the top of the cylinder. The O-Ring Kit provides everything you need to change the O-Ring yourself: O-Rings, removal stick, red tape to protect the cylinder from moisture, and grease to ensure proper workings of the mechanical parts of the cylinder. The O-Ring Kit is a must if you plan to be refilling the cylinder yourself and not with an established Snowpulse Refilling Station.

    Kit available in 5, 10 or 20 uses