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509 Revolver Lens


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Spare Lens for 509 Revolver Goggle

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Product Name QTY Remaining
Blue Tint 20+
Chrome with Yellow Tint 1
Clear 18
Fire Mirror/Clear 20+
Fire Mirror/Rose Tint 20+
Gold Mirror with Yellow Tint 1
Green Mirror with Yellow Tint 20+
Lime 20
Orange Tint 1
Photochromatic - Clear to Blue 20+
Photochromatic - Orange to Dark Blue - Fire Mirror 20+
Polarized Bronze 20+
Polarized Smoke 20+
Polarized Yellow 20+
Rose Tint 20+
Smoke Tint 1
Yellow Tint 3
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    The Revolver snow goggle features an oversized spherical snow lens that gives you incredible field of vision. This dual pane lens features a vast improvement in anti-scratch technology and the inner pane was sourced with only the best anti-fog technology from Italy. What makes the Revolver unique is its innovative pivot lens lock technology. Using rotational quick release technology, the top center of the lens is secured to the goggle frame. The rotational lens mount allows you to pivot the lens upward away from the frame and out of your field of view without releasing the lens. This allows you to pivot the lens upward to quickly exhaust any built up moisture or fog when stopped without removing your goggles.

    • Premium anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings
    • Pivot lens technology with rotational lens action
    • Quick lens change system
    • Dual pane snow lens
    • 4 Vents for typical riding conditions