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509 Sinister X5 Orange Camo Goggles


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509 Sinister X5 Orange Camo Goggles

Fire Mirror / Rose Tint Lens

Hard Goggle Case Included

Lens ColorFire Mirror/Rose TintIntended UseLow-Mid Light
  • INFO
  • The X5 Goggle is the product of several years of tireless improvements, materials sourcing, and an
    unbreakable drive to develop the absolute best snowmobile goggle in the world. After years of
    continual goggle research & development, our efforts have lead to what we feel are the biggest
    breakthroughs in goggle technology that the snowmobile industry has EVER seen. We are proud
    to announce the release of the Sinister X5 and as you will see, there is simply no match in the
    snowmobile goggle industry.

    We have worked closely with the world leader in military & medical anti-fog hard coatings to
    develop a proprietary, goggle specific, anti-fog technology that is applied to all 509 lenses.

    We also tirelessly sourced the most durable, scratch resistant lens materials as well. The result
    is an innovative Polycarbonate (PC) outer lens. This new technology provides an unmatched antiscratch
    rating for both the inner and outer lens. In addition, we applied an additional, dual coated
    NO SCRATCH, hand applied hard coating. This protective, permanent hard coating provides an
    unmatched level of scratch resistance to your goggle lens.

    The Sinister X5 also features our completely re-engineered PHANTOM FRAME TECHNOLOGY. The PHANTOM
    FRAME was completely redesigned to provide the absolute maximum field of vision in the game. Through
    advanced engineering we were able to literally hide the frame from your field of view, giving you the maximum
    visibility possible. The X5 frame is 0.5” taller than our traditional Sinister, giving you a significantly improved
    field of view. We engineered every angle of the X5 PHANTOM FRAME to slope perfectly to the contours of your
    face, while minimizing the amount of frame in your field of view. In addition, the frame was designed to fit
    perfectly inside your 509 helmet.

    • Improved frame ventilation
    • Improved lens anti-fog rating
    • Contoured nose foam for better comfort and less nose pressure
    • Re-contoured nosemask for better helmet fit


    The all new Sinister X5 Snow Goggle!

    Sinister X5 Technology

    Fixed Outriggers New fixed outriggers move the strap position forward providing a perfect fit with your 509 helmet. Our unique edge pressure outrigger provides a perfect seal along the outer edge of the goggles, not 2" in at the outrigger post like our competitors. This ensures a perfect fit & seal and eliminates fogging.
    Phantom Frame Technology The X5 frame was carefully engineered with PHANTOM frame technology. This unique design allows the goggle frame to disappear out of your field of view, leaving a clear vision path with less visible frame.
    Field of View The new X5 is 1/2" taller and than our original Sinister and has been carefully re-engineered for greater field of view and a perfect fit inside your 509 helmet. This new design also eliminates nose pressure allowing unobstructed breathing.
    Italian Polycarbonate Dual Lens The X5 features an all new Italian sourced Polycarbonate dual lens with greatly improved anti-fog coating and with a significantly more durable anti-scratch coating. Experience the difference of the X5, Italian sourced optical lens.
    New Nose Mask The X5 features a restyled, oversized and removable nosemask to keep you warm & comfortable. Its simply the best nosemask in the game!


    Compared to original Sinister Goggle:

    • 0.5" taller
    • 12.5% larger viewing area
    • Phantom frame technology
    • Fixed outriggers
    • Italian sourced dual lens
    • Improved anti-fog & anti-scratch
    • New contoured face foam

    Name 509 Sinister X5 Orange Camo Goggles
    SKU 509-X5GOG-17-OC
    Manufacturer 509
    Manufacturer Part Number 509-X5GOG-17-OC
    Color Orange Camo
    Lens Color Fire Mirror/Rose Tint