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Avalanche Airbags

Avalanche Airbags

Avalanche gear gives you the ability to help your riding partners in the event of disaster — however, an Avalanche Airbag is the best piece of gear to help yourself.  An Avalanche Airbag is a backpack (or vest) worn over you jacket.  Each pack is designed to store your gear, goggles, food, and among other things an airbag.  Upon deployment an air-filled bag will help you stay up and out of snow debris.

How It Works:

First, an Avalanche Airbag drastically changes your overall density making it possible to float on top of the avalanche.  Second, it creates a bigger pocket should you become buried.  Third, depending on airbag type, it can provide trauma protection (*a quarter of avalanche deaths are the result of trauma).

Choosing An Airbag

Things to Consider:

• Where will you be traveling with your pack?  Airbag canisters/cartridges are consider HazMat in the U.S. and other international nations.  Airlines have different rules and regulations regarding travel with airbag packs and canisters.  Check with your airline before you fly.  You might need to travel with an empty canister and refill it on arrival.

• What is your budget? Avalanche airbag packs come in a wide variety of price points each with different features and performance.

• Weight is a big deal — Does the pack feel comfortable when weighted for typical use?

• Storage: Can you store all of your need avalanche gear in your pack? (Usually, a probe & shovel)

Activation Typs

** DISCLAIMER:  TSA requires travelers on flights originating in the United States to demonstrate that gas cartridges are empty and not connected to the airbag.  If you have an ABS airbag pack, you will also need to show that the activation handle is not live (there is an explosive charge in a live activation mechanism that punctures the cartridge).  You will need to exchange the ABS activation handle along with the cartridge after deployment).

By Brand

Brand Activation Type Size Left/Right Hand Airbag Type
ABS Canister (Exchangeable) Configurable Reversible
Twin Airbags
Arva Canister (Refillable) 18 - 40 Liters Right-Handed Single Bag "Pillow"
BCA Canister (Refillable) 12 - 42 Liters
(MD/LG - XL/2X)
Reversible Single Bag "Pillow"
Black Diamond Canister (Exchangeable)
Electric Fan
10 - 35 Liters Right-Handed Protection Airbag
Klim Electric Fan 16 or 26 Liters Left-Handed
Mammut Canister (Refillable) 20 - 45 Liters Right-Handed Single Bag "Pillow"
Protection Airbag
SnowPulse Canister (Refillable)
Left-Handed Single Bag "Pillow"
Protection Airbag

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