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Arva Carbon 240cm Light Probe

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The Carbon 240 Light is an amazing light probe and Complies with ISMF racing regulations.
  • ARVA makes two probes lighter than 160 grams: the Carbon 240 Light Probe is the first, and the second is not nearly as stiff as the Carbon, and it's shorter. At 240 centimeters long and rocking all the same features as ARVA's line of thicker diameter aluminum probes, this carbon probe shaves weight without sacrificing durability. For randonee racers or those looking to go light-and-fast, it doesn't get much better, so reach for this probe and take the to mountains feeling supremely prepared.

    • Carbon and aluminum shaft makes this probe strong, light, and stiff so you can easily penetrate layers of snow and ice with minimal effort
    • Nigh-bulletproof KEVLAR® cord connects the shaft sections together and withstands all the use and abuse you can deliver in an emergency situation
    • Tension locking design automatically clicks this probe together when quickly toss it out and pull the cord at the top
    • Five centimeter markings make gauging snow depth quick and easy
    (probe) carbon, aluminum, (cord) kevlar 
    240 cm 
    Storage Sack:
    5.6 oz
    Manufacturer Warranty:
    5 years