Avalanche Accessories

SnowBigDeal keeps you on top of the snow with our line-up of avalanche Avalung equipment and other accessories.  The Avalung extends precious breathing time in the event of entrapment. To keep oxygen flowing, it lets you draw breath from a broader area in front. Meanwhile, as you breathe out carbon dioxide, Avalung pushes the CO2 behind you to prevent toxic build-up. 

To prep for snow country, be avalanche savvy, not sorry. Below you’ll find our inventory of avalanche Avalung equipment, and avalanche accessories that give you the know-how to go with the gear. Our DVD series offer you action-packed, informative, and potentially life-saving training in avalanche safety and rescue. We've also rounded up the most essential tools for snow safety, ranging from slope meters and snow study kits to snow saws, backcountry beacons, avalanche shovels and ultra-light, watertight medical kits.

Stock up on our wide array of affordably priced rescue kits and avalanche supplies. Keep one in your vehicle, one in your backpack, and give one as a gift. Not sure what your favorite snow country companions need?  To avoid the slippery slope of indecision, send them SnowBigDeal gift cards!

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