BCA MtnPro Vest

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The BCA MtnPro Vest is a lightweight breathable mid-layer protective-vest that reduces injuries and trauma to the upper body.

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  • Full front, side and back protection with 1mm of hard shell sandwiched between two layers of PE foam. Includes zippered front pocket, adjustable waist belt and side panels, and D-ring tether loop for attaching sled kill switch.


    Weight: 2.0 pounds / 917 grams

    Warranty: 3 years

    Color: Grey/Black

  • NameBCA MtnPro Vest
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    Comfort, Fit, and Protection

    Very comfortable. Lightweight. Great cut on the shoulders with great range of motion. Great lower chest, belly. and side protection but doesn't pinch the waist and hips when you move around or bend.

    I am 6'0'' 185lbs and the vest fits great. Good coverage and tight. It doesn't move around or move up when riding.

    Breathable and cool. I noticed it didn't change my layering strategy or the effectiveness of my mid layers much. It can also be worn on the outside in the spring.

    The beacon pocket is a great feature for location and access. Review by Matt S • (Posted on 11/10/2015)
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    Made for Mountain Riding

    This has 2 things that I have been begging for. Longer length in the front to help protect those lower ribs/ internal organs and made out of vented material so you don't over heat while working your sled through the trees. It is light weight too. The only thing this vest is missing is race organization approval. But that is ok, it was purposely built for the backcountry rider. Review by Brandy Floyd • (Posted on 9/15/2015)
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