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Avalanche Beacons

Avalanche Beacons

Avalanche Rescue Beacons have proven to be the most reliable way to locate an avalanche victim in time to save their life — which is why it is our #1 recommended piece of gear for you backcountry adventure.  Avalanche Beacons range in type, size, and functionality making it extremely important that you choose the right beacon for your snow day, and you have a solid understanding of how it works.  Regardless of your choice all "designated" avalanche beacons work together on the same frequency so you and your crew, regardless of brand, can locate one another in an avalanche event.  At SnowBigDeal, we hope to make the beacon selection process easy and affordable so browse our selection of Avalanche Transceivers or give us a call at +1(877)766-9244 to talk with an Avalanche Safety Expert.

** Remember, beacons are only useful if you and your riding buddies each have them.  We also recommend that you get together before your ride to practice using them — the time you waste trying to turn yours on could very well be your loved ones last seconds.

Popular Beacons Compared

Beacon Brand Antennas Multi-Burial Bluetooth Retail Price Difficulty Level
Tracker DTS BCA 2 Yes No $239.95 Easy
Tracker 2 BCA 3 Yes No $284.95 Easy
Tracker 3 BCA 3 Yes No $334.95 Advanced
Tracker S BCA 3 Yes No $299.95 Moderate
Pieps DSP Sport Pieps 3 Yes No $319.99 Moderate
Arva Neo+ Arva 3 Yes No $349.95 Easy
Arva Evo 5 Arva 3 Yes No $319.95 Moderate
Pieps Pro BT Pieps 3 Yes Yes $449.95 Easy
Pieps Powder BT Pieps 3 Yes Yes $339.95 Easy
Pieps Micro Pieps 3 Yes No $349.95 Moderate

Featured Beacons