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How to Redeem?
So, how do you get your gift card? We've made it easy! Simply shop SnowBigDeal.com, complete your purchase and once your order has been shipped out of our warehouse, a SnowBigDeal Gift Card will be automatically emailed to the address used during checkout.

Have your gift card? You will be able to redeem your gift card at checkout. Simply input your gift code into the discounts box for an added discount.

What if I Spend $99? Do I still get a Gift Card? Unfortunately No. All Orders Must Break $100 (before tax and after any discounts) to Qualify. If you find yourself short we recommend adding a low cost item like a sticker. Nobody should miss out on this hot deal!

What if I Spend Over $200? Gift Card value will increase by $10 for each $100 spent. ($200 = $20, $300 = $30, $1000 = $100)

I Haven't Received My Gift Card SnowBigDeal manages all gift cards sent out. Customers will receive their gift card via email after the order has shipped out. *Free Gift Cards do not require the customer to complete any instructions, simply enjoy shopping.

More Questions or Concerns? Call: +1(877)766-9244 to speak with a customer service rep.

Limitations (Fine Print)
  • Customers must spend over $100 to qualify. Tax paid does not count toward  the $100.
  • If you issue a return (partial or full) your gift card will be altered or terminated to match the return value.