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For a limited time, earn a free $10 gift card with every purchase over $100 at

Holiday Promo Terms & Conditions

Get a $10 Gift Card for Every $100 Spent


  • Only individual orders over $100 (before tax, shipping, and after discounts) qualify for our gift card promotion.
  • Orders cannot be combined to reach a higher dollar amount.
  • Only orders placed between December 1st and December 23rd, 2022 qualify.
  • Gift card values will increase by $10 for each $100 spent.
  • Gift cards will be emailed to customers with qualifying orders within two business days after the order has shipped.


  • Gift cards can only be redeemed at
  • Gift cards can be used to purchase any item available at
  • Gift cards are not rebates – they cannot be used for orders already placed.
  • Gift card has no cash value.


  • Gift cards will expire on January 29th, 2023.
  • Unused gift cards cannot be carried passed the expiration date, used as credits, or applied to past or future orders.


  • If you return the original qualifying order (partial or complete), your gift card will be altered or terminated to match the new value. If a new order has already been placed using the gift card, an amount equal to the gift card value will be withheld from the refunded order.
  • Returns for orders paid for with a gift card cannot be refunded for more than the actual amount paid by the customer. (ex. A $200 order placed using a $20 gift card; the amount paid by the customer is $180. If that order is returned, $180 is the maximum refundable amount.)