Ortovox Tour Deluxe Package


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Ortovox Tour Deluxe Package

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  • S1+ Beacon

    The new Ortovox S1+ combines the success stories of two unique transceiver innovations: the display of the relative location of avalanche victims and the smart antenna technology! This technology gives you 43% more range than with all other devices on the market (with the exception of 3+), entirely independent of the search device of your companion! To make the search situation as simple as possible, the S1+ need only be flipped open in order to enter the locating mode. Equipped with some of the best technology in the market, yet simple to use the S1+ is a great tool for staying safe in the backcountry.

    • Automatically enters search mode as soon as it is opened and goes back to transmission mode when closed, however, if it is not moved for a certain length of time, it switches back to the transmission mode on its own - this is a safety feature in case there's a second avalanche
    • Simultaneously scans all signals in the avalanche area with clear signal distinction via signal analysis - decreasing search time so you have more time to dig
    • Gives a detailed overview of all of the buried victims on the large display so you can spend more time coordinating search efforts, and less time pinpointing locations
    • Using line of arrows technology similar to that in the aviation field, you can pinpoint the victims by simply following the field line instead of chasing arrows that are constantly moving
    • Once you are near the victim, the circle method visual pinpoint feature visually & acoustically directs in precise five centimeter steps whether you are getting closer or further away from the victim
    • Also features acoustic emergency reception, temperature gauge, inclinometer, compass, self-test
    • 3 Antennas
    • Maximum range: up to 55m
    • Search strip width: up to 50 m
    • Transmission capacity: approx. 250h
    • Dimensions: 120x80x30 mm
    • Bearing line and search direction arrow incl. 360° display
    • Automatic location of the strongest transmission signal
    • Device personalization
    • Five-year warranty

    Haute Route 35

    The Haute Route 35 is our classic for day tours of all kinds. With the O-Flex-Frame, developed by the sports physicians at the Center for the Back in Munich (Rückenzentrum München), the stress is fairly distributed on the hips and shoulders. You can reach into the main compartment via the all-round zipper on the back. This kind of access has the great advantage of keeping the content free of snow and eliminates the blind search for things in the main compartment. A classic front opening offers a second access option. The Haute Route 35 is equipped with the full feature package: gear and pick loops, ski, snowboard and helmet fastenings, alarm whistle and a separate cell phone and safety compartment caters to every demand.

    Volume: 35 liters
    Weight: 1500 g
    Material: 420D Nylon Velocity/500D Nylon


    Kodiak Shovel

    Kodiak is a large brown bear of Alaska. Our shovel by the same name is just as powerful and resistant. The scoop resembles a bear's paw: voluminous, sharp edged and unbreakable. It is made exclusively of high performance, tempered aluminum which is light and extremely stiff. The D-handle allows for the best possible shoveling; its sanded grip makes slipping impossible. The shovel has a telescopic design and is extremely resistant to breakage due to its oval shape. The unique design enables it to quickly transform into a hatchet with a D-handle.

    Weight: 770 g
    Shovel handle folded: 49 cm
    Total length: 88 cm
    Scoop: 30 x 23 x 6 cm

    240cm Carbon Probe

    Stable ultra-light sensor with the unique pfa quick-release tensioning system. With a handle, the probe can be absolutely safely stretched and just as quickly collapsed again and put together. The probe is tensioned with a Dyneema draw line. This is not only lightweight but also durable. For the 240 Carbon pfa, we use a tube diameter of 10 mm. The carbon probe is extremely rigid and therefore very accurate. The grip sleeve made of EVA foam allows comfortable handling during probing practices. The burial depth can be read from the markings on the segments.
    The 240 Carbon pfa is delivered with a handy quick-release cover.

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